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Welcome to Saga Bay

Please feel free to contact us with your comments and suggestions.
Immediate Attention Please Call the Office At (305) 246-5867 and ask for Felicia
Harbor Management Services, Inc.Community Plaza, 15600 SW 288 Street, Suite 406
Miami, FL, 33033 OR Mailing Address: PO Box 924176
Homestead, FL  33092-4176 Phone:  (305) 246-5867, FAX: (305) 245-8020

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  • Members Meeting
  • Every 3rd Thursday, monthly
  • Start Time: 7:00 P.M.
  • All Home owners are welcome to attend and speak on all matters.​
  • Cutler Ridge United Methodist 20740 Old Cutler Road, Miami, Florida 33189 
  • Choir Room located inside the Sanctuary
For additional information Please Contact
Harbor Management Services, Inc.
Telephone 305-246-5867/Facsimile 305-245-8020
Business Hours:
Monday-Friday 8:30 AM-5:00 PM

Nextdoor is an alternative way to stay in the know about what’s going on in Saga Bay neighborhood—whether it’s finding a last-minute babysitter, learning about an upcoming block party, or hearing about a rash of car break-ins.
As of January 2018 343 Saga Bay homeowners have join and are talking on Nextdoor.

~    Upcoming Events    ~
Saga Bay Property Owners Association Meeting
Thursday, November 15th, 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm at United Methodist Church 20740 Old Cutler Rd, Cutler Bay, FL 33189
The meeting will take place in room 101.  Please enter at the rear of the Church.

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The Value of a Homeowner Association?
Posted on Jul 13th, 2017 Comments (0)
What is the Value of a Homeowner Association?
To: Saga Bay Home Owners
Board Member: Art Nanni
To clarify a rumor on Next door neighbor:
OUR ASSCOIATION DOES EXIST and IS ACTIVE. The Association is an active nonprofit corporation, it still maintains all common areas of the community. In fact after the hurricane it was the association who came in and cleared your streets along with other debris for your safety and access to your homes.
The existence of your association was discussed with several attorneys, all were in agreement the association exists and will remain active per the bylaws of incorporation.
What has become unenforceable are our covenants. Yes, we are all in a voluntary mode to pay our dues, as well as maintaining our property.  Yes the tax deeds were purchased for approximately 2/3 of the lake. The lake is still an issue the attorneys are working on. There is no immediate solution to communicate with at this time about the lake.
This management company, as well as a majority of the current board members were not around when all these issues took place over thirteen years ago.   Once the board learned of our covenants being expired, this board took immediate action to rectify the problem.
Yes it has been a slow and painful process, the packets had to be re-written, then approved by your board, then again by the attorneys, then the state of Florida and finally before they can be mailed out each section has to be checked for proper home ownership.
We are ready to send out the packets of, Revitalization of the Our Covenants, next week.  There are 9 sections to the association. Not all sections will receive a packet. As stated each section is being viewed for proper title ownership. Once completed that section will begin to receive their respective packets.  Section 6 and 9 will go out next week. The rest after the first of the year. We are hoping to have all sections competed by March of next year.
I apologize as a board member to all homeowners for the lack of communications on my behalf. I believe the rest of the board members as well as management feel the same way.
So, Please, if you need more information call me, at 305-542-0702, or call Harbor Management at (305) 246-5867.
Thank You for your patience and assistance pertaining to this matter.
Ever wondered why you have a homeowners association?
So, what is the value? If you consider the amount of assessments you are paying annually and compare that to any drop in value of your property, wouldn't you agree that the value you are receiving for the payment you are making is worth it?
Marketable Record Title Act
Posted on Mar 23rd, 2017 Comments (0)
Your Board of Directors are now in the process of complying with the chapter 720 of the Florida State Statues to revitalize our covenants under the Marketable Record Title Act(M.R.T.A.) for our community.
To learn more about the Marketable Record Title Act and how it affects our community and what our association is currently doing about it then Click on the "Read More" link provided below. 
Posted on Mar 23rd, 2017 Comments (0)
Click on the Read More link below to see map enlarge

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